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Electronic Flyers

About Electronic Flyers

This electonic system is used to make flyers available to parents who may be interested in the activities, programs, and events being promoted by non-profit organizations in our community.

As a community service, the Board of Education of USD 232 authorizes the distribution of information (flyers or other promotional material) of outside, not-for-profit organizations that is intended solely to notify students and their parents of opportunities to participate in youth-related programs, activities or events that aim to improve the health, education or welfare of the students.

Materials from outside organizations

Non-profit (501c3) organizations wishing to have electronic flyers posted on the district website must complete the Request for Approval to Disseminate Information form. Return the form and a copy of the flyer to Wendy Denham, Board Clerk, by email or by fax: 913-667-6201. The contact person listed on the request form will be notified of the approval status.  Approved flyers will be posted on the electronic flyers webpage.

District Guidelines 

  • Dissemination of materials is limited to the posting of information on the district's website.
  • Paper copies of the information will not be distributed to students and are not to be delivered to the school buildings.
  • The district will only post information from not-for-profit (501c3) organizations.
  • The information cannot be in violation of Board policy or state or federal laws.
  • The information must be of general interest to the School District as a whole.
  • Organizations should combine brochures & information sheets to cover a period of time such as "Fall Activities" rather than sending out multiple announcements for each different activity.

Each request will be reviewed by the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee on an individual basis with these criteria in mind.  A decision not to disseminate is not to be considered disapproval of the activity/event/announcement, but rather a decision based on the best interests of the School District philosophy.

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