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Intra-district transfer

Intra-district Transfer Requests


It is the policy of the School District that a student shall be required to attend the school designated for the attendance area in which the student resides. However, the district realizes there are exceptional and/or extenuating circumstances that may cause students (and/or their parents) to desire to attend a school outside their attendance area. Administrators may approve transfers based on the provisions of the policy governing transfer requests.

NOTE: The general transfer request process is open February 1 - March 15. 

The general transfer window is now closed.

If you missed the general transfer request window, please contact the district office. Parents and guardians may use this electronic form to request a transfer to a school outside their students' assigned attendance area. Applications are accepted between February 1 and March 15 for the following school year. If a general transfer is approved, it is valid for one school year only. Renewal of the transfer is not guaranteed.

Procedures for general transfer requests

  1. Parents and/or guardians may utilize our electronic intra-district transfer request form - or - complete a paper copy of the same form.
  2. Review the Board of Education policy governing transfers.
  3. The initial period of time within which applications for transfer for the succeeding school year shall be February 1 - March 15. Application for transfer of enrollment at times other than within the designated period is discouraged. However, requests initiated during the school year by a parent or building administrator for reasons of discipline, student conduct, extenuating circumstances or detracting associations follow the same process.
  4. Complete the transfer application. Provide information describing the reason(s) for requesting a transfer. You may attach supporting documentation.
  5. The transfer request must be completed within the established timeframe. If using a paper copy of the form, please return to principal of the sending school (based on home attendance area) to begin the process.
  6. The sending school principal will comment and forward to the receiving school principal for comment.
  7. After receiving the application from the receiving school, the district transfer committee may:
    1. solicit additional information from the family; or
    2. approve;
    3. approve with stipulations; or
    4. deny the request.
  8. Parents and principals will receive written notification from the school district as to the status of the transfer.

If a transfer is approved, the student must remain a student in good standing during transfer period. Approval is valid for one school year only. Parents would need to reapply for subsequent school years.

Explanation of Exceptional Circumstances, which will be taken into consideration

  1. Family move: Students whose parents move during the regular school year into the attendance area of another school within the school district may remain enrolled until the end of the regular school year at the school in which the student was enrolled immediately prior to the move.
  2. Request from a governmental entity or social service agency: Request from Juvenile Court, DCF (Department for Children & Families), a mental health center, etc., may be approved if the transfer will improve the student’s educational welfare and the receiving building has the capacity to accommodate the student.
  3. Family hardship: Transfers for hardships in the family such as dissolution of the family unit by divorce, placement of a student outside the home, or other special circumstances involving changes of family structure. Childcare needs (for elementary grade students only) may be considered when the transfer is in the best interest of the student and the school district. In cases involving childcare, the District may determine an appropriate amount of time for making other childcare arrangements.
  4. Special Programs: Students may request a transfer in circumstances where special programs are available in limited/designated sites (schools), i.e., curricular offerings or extracurricular programs (subject to all eligibility rules of the Kansas State High School Activities Association and such eligibility rules as may be adopted by the Board).
  5. Exceptional psychological or health reasons: A transfer may be requested on the basis of extraordinary psychological or health related circumstances. As supportive evidence, the District may require a report (which includes the reasons for and benefits of the transfer) prepared by a licensed mental or medical health professional with extensive knowledge of the student and the circumstances surrounding the request.
  6. Administrative placement: In special circumstances, the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designated representatives (transfer committee) may place a student in a school other than the school he or she would attend under Board of Education policies. Such placement may be made after consultation with the student’s parents or guardians, sending and receiving principals, and other school personnel.
  7. Enrollment Balancing: A transfer may be requested on the basis of moving to a school with reduced numbers. In order for such a transfer to take place, the receiving school must be at or below 80% of enrollment capacity, and the transfer cannot create the need for an additional section, program or instructor, nor can it result in the loss of a section, program or instructor at the sending District school. Transfers requested for a move to a building of reduced enrollment can only take place at the beginning of the first semester of each school year, and determination of enrollment capacity will be made following the District enrollment period.

Student Receiving/Participating in Special Services: The transfer policy/procedure applies to ALL students. Students receiving special education, English Language Learner, At-Risk, Title 1, etc. may request a transfer following the approved process. The District will consider the class size, staff capacity, and building enrollment limits in making the final decision. A parent requested transfer is not to be confused with placement decisions made by the IEP Team.

Extracurricular Activities: Secondary school students who have been approved for voluntary transfer of enrollment and entering high school for the first time shall be permitted to participate in interscholastic activities in accordance with regulations of the Kansas State High School Activities Association. In general, a student is ineligible for 18 weeks from the first day of attendance at the new school, if a change in school is made without an accompanying move on the part of the student’s parents. For exceptions and additional information, refer to the Kansas High School Activities Association (KSHSAA) regulations for eligibility. NOTE: In addition to the transfer rule, the student must meet all other rules and regulations such as age, scholarship, student in good standing, etc., to be eligible for KSHSAA activities.

Bus Transportation

The District may permit transportation on a space available basis for transfer students. Arrangements must be made with First Student by parents/guardians within established routes of the receiving school and at no cost to the district. The district will offer separate transportation to students who voluntarily transfer to DHS or LTMS.