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Foster Care Students

The district, in accordance with state and federal law and the Kansas state plan, will ensure that students placed in foster care within the school district have access to a public education in a stable educational environment. For the purposes of this policy and its applicable regulations, “foster care” means 24-hour substitute care for children placed away from their parents and for whom a child welfare agency has placement and care duties.

District Foster Care Liaison

The “district foster care liaison” is a district employee who facilitates the enrollment in or transfer to a public school of a student in the district who is a ward of the state. The district’s foster care liaison is considered the designated point of contact for collaboration with DCF, KVC on transportation procedures.

The district has designated the following staff person as the district foster care liaison:

Name: Alvie L. Cater
Position: Assistant Superintendent
Address: 35200 W 91st Street, De Soto, KS 66018
Telephone: 913-667-6200

Kansas Mobile Crisis Helpline

Crisis support for Kansas families and children to resolve an emotional, psychiatric, or behavioral health crisis is available through the Department of Children and Families Mobile Crisis Helpline, 1-833-441-2240, including:

  • Problem solving to resolve behavioral health crisis;
  • Referral to community resources or recommendation to engage in stabilization services;
  • In-person support via mobile crisis response; and
  • Contacting mobile crisis response unit to assist in emergency situations.

Services are available to all Kansans 20 years or younger including anyone in foster care or formerly in foster care.