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  • New **When School is cancelled due to inclement weather, All rentals are cancelled as well**

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    We are thankful for our wonderful school facilities and take pride in maintaining our spaces to support student learning and activities. We encourage the use of school district facilities (outside the school day) for community meetings, festivals, plays, workshops, youth and adult sports and other uses. School activities have first priority for facility use. When school facilities are not in use for school programs, they may be available at reasonable times and rates to recognized community organizations whose activities are of general interest to the community.

    The Board of Education, through the Superintendent or his/her designee, reserves the right to approve or reject any request for use of district facilities. Individuals, groups or organizations which advance any doctrine or theory which is subversive to the constitution or laws of the State of Kansas or the United States will be denied the use of district facilities.

    • Use of district facilities for school-related instructional programs and activities have first priority in facility use.
    • Second priority will be for other district-sponsored activities.
    • Third priority will be district youth activities.
    • Other community group requests will be approved on a space available basis with commercial use having the lowest priority.

    All dates listed below are subject to change

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  • If you have any questions, please contact Michele Evans in our facilities department.
    Phone: 913-667-6220

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All dates listed below are subject to change