Early Childhood Center

  • Photo of three early childhood students participating in an activity. We believe a dedicated Early Childhood Center is the best way to provide high quality services for our youngest students.

    The district's Early Childhood program is growing in student enrollment. The program is currently located inside Belmont Elementary. Projected increases in the student enrollment at Belmont (K-5) will require the relocation of the current Early Childhood classes. The district would also relocate the Early Childhood program from Starside Elementary into the new center, increasing student capacity at Starside.

    Photo of Early Childhood students signing during a graduation program. The program serves district children, ages three to five, in a variety of ways.  These include a peer model program, classroom-based special education services and appointment-based special education services.  Currently, there are five preschool classrooms. The enrollment for these classrooms include approximately fifty percent peer model students and fifty percent students receiving special education services (or students in evaluation.) Peer model students are typically developing children who are included within the preschool classrooms as models for children with disabilities/developmental delays.  All children benefit from multiple opportunities to interact with their peers and learn appropriate social behavior and play skills from one another.  

    If approved by voters, the Early Childhood Center would be located on property already owned by the school district and tied into the new Career Technical Education Center. The Early Childhood Center would also create opportunities for high school students to explore education as a career pathway through the Career Technical Education programming. The property is located on the northeast corner of 83rd Street and Mize Boulevard (next to Mill Creek Middle School). 

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