Schedule Changes

  • Students may request a change to their 2nd semester classes starting Thursday, November 29th through Wednesday December 5th. 

    As a reminder, last spring, all students had the opportunity to select their course requests and alternate requests for the upcoming school year. In March, students and parents received letters in the mail, explaining the course selection process along with the list of courses each student had requested. Students had one final deadline of March 30th, to make any changes on their course requests for the year. Our master schedule is based on these requests and these requests have been accommodated as much as possible for all our students. At this time, should a student decide to request a change in the student’s course selection for this year, it must meet one of the following criteria

    1. Errors made by the school in developing the schedule.
    2. The need for the school to balance class size.
    3. Medical reason with documentation.
    4. Placement for students with academic difficulties into Reading Support, Special Services, or Directed Study Skills classes.
    5. Request to take courses in order to qualify for the Kansas Scholars/Board of Regents.
    6. Failure of a course required for graduation.
    7. Failure of a prerequisite, i.e., anything that would prevent a student from going on to a requisite course as published in the Course Guide.
    8. Request to add a course required post-secondary admissions. (With documentation required from the college.)
    9. A student has failed with a teacher previously in a course, and he/she gets the same teacher for exactly the same course.
    10. Adding a required course in lieu of an elective class.
    11. Second semester Senior schedules may change as a result of qualifying for shortened day.
    12. Administrator approval of student enrollment in higher-level course.

    If your request meets one of these criteria, you may submit a Schedule Change Request form (available in Student Services) and turn it in to Student Services for review. The request must meet one of the criteria above.  

    The deadline to submit the form to Student Services is 3 p.m. Wednesday, December 5th. Schedule change forms will NOT be accepted after this time/date.