The Bridge

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    The Bridge
    8305 Peoria St.
    De Soto, KS 66018
    Phone: 913-667-6200, Ext. 3187

    The Bridge  is a program for students ages 18-21 who remain in the school system and continue to require Special Education services. Programming prepares students to function effectively and independently at the next stage of their lives.  This includes exploring recreation and leisure opportunities in their community, social skills development, specific skill development and employment skill acquisition.

    Young adults at The Bridge  are placed at work sites within the community to develop work-based skills.  The skills they learn are then transferable to competitive employment or job coaching opportunities once they age out of the program.  For students who are unable to work in the community, The Bridge offers various in-house opportunities to allow students to still obtain work skills.  The young adults participate in student enterprises such as making dog treats and doing kitchen laundry for district elementary schools.

    If you would like additional information about The Bridge, please contact Toni Bradley at: