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FAQ about The Creek!

FAQ about The Creek! 

  • What is the Black and Gold Calendar for? 
    The B&G calendar is used to disseminate which explo (PE or music) 6th and 7th grade students have. Since the requirement is all year PE and a music class, they alternate each day. The calendar shows which color falls on each day of the entire school year. 

  • My child is not a fan of their explo class. Is there anything I can do? Students have the opportunity to apply for a course selection change the first weeks of the semester. After that, changes will not be allowed. It is very difficult to make course changes for students once the learning has begun. First semester explo change forms due date will be set soon. Second semester explo change forms will be due before Christmas break. 

  • Can students carry trapper keepers or binders? 
    Absolutely! Students can carry notebooks or any kind or organizational system they need. However, we are not allowing backpacks to be carried from class to class. 

  • What can I do if I need to get a message to my child? 
    Feel free to call the office - 913.667.3512 - and we will get your message to your student. Students are allowed to check their phones during passing periods, before and after school. 

  • What is CANVAS? 
    Teachers use Canvas as an extension of their classroom. Students can check their Canvas accounts to see what is happening in each class, submit assignments, complete bell work and so on. As a parent, you can also see Canvas. To log in, click HERE

  • Can my student use their laptop at home? 
    Absolutely! Students are encouraged to use their laptop for school work only. Students can utilize their home WiFi for internet access while not at school. Students are encouraged NOT to pair their personal cell phone devices with their laptop, however. We remind students that the laptop is a school device and should be used for school work only.
  • What if I have an issue with my laptop? What should I do? 
    Please submit a TECH TICKET. 

  • What is the process of students leaving early for appointments? 
    We ask that you call the office when you arrive at school to pick up your child. We will then call your child out of class. Students are asked to sign out from the front office before leaving. 
    **Parents - please plan ahead. It takes students a few minutes to gather their belongings, get to their lockers, sign out and to your car. Please allow an extra 5-10 minutes for this. 

  • What if my student forgot something they need for the day? 
    Feel free to bring the item to school - there is a black bookcase in the front entryway where items can be left for students to come and pick up. 

  • Can students stay and watch the athletic competitions after school? 
    Absolutely! Students are encouraged to stay and support our Mustangs. Students should be in good standing with both academics and behaviors in order to stay. Students will remain in the Commons supervised after school until the game begins. Students may visit the concessions for purchases. Students must be picked up by 6 pm when most games end. Students may not go home after school and then come back for the games - students who do must have an adult remain with them for the duration of their stay. 

  • If students stay for games, is there a charge? No - if it is a HOME game event being held at MCMS (which they all are home events if held at MCMS), there is no charge to attend. 

  • Can Parents attend the games - home or away? YES! Please know there is a change for parents and non- MCMS students. These are league prices. Adults $4.00. Students $2.00. Age 59 and over - FREE. 

  • Attendance is important! Did you know that if your child misses 2 days each month, that will add up to missing 10% of the school year! 

  • Can I come eat lunch with my child? Parents and students can eat their lunch outside of the commons (blue tables) during the lunch block. We simply do not have room inside the Commons for parents to have a place to sit. 

Go Mustangs! 

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