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MCMS Ogallala Aquifer Project

The 8th grade science classes at Mill Creek Middle School presented their results for their Ogallala Aquifer Projects on Jan. 24. 

Students worked in groups of five to six individuals. Within each group, students were divided up to represent the Midwest states, the Southwest states, water conservationists then researched the aquifer.. Once they’d completed their research, the groups worked together to come up with a solution that could help keep the aquifer viable in the future. They created a tri-fold and video to share what they learned and their solution with the other groups.

One of the biggest aquifers in the world is the Ogallala Aquifer. This aquifer lies beneath parts of eight states in the U.S. The water in the aquifer is mostly from the last ice age and is an important source of freshwater.

MCMS Aquifer projects 2023  MCMS Aquifer project

MCMS Aquifer Project 2023   MCMS Aquifer Project 2023