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Valentines Party Information - Feb. 14th

Valentine's Parties are coming up soon! Volunteers Needed!
Winter Parties went really well and we are hoping for another successful event on February 14th!


We will need party coordinators for each class, so please sign up here:


Party Details:

Tuesday, Feb. 14th

All parties will be from 3:00-3:30

Party Coordinators may come in at 2:45.



Instead of doing a RSVP form, we are assuming all parents will attend and still do a sign in sheet by class in the front entry.

We will maintain a single point of entry and exit for all parents/guardians in the front entry.

No classroom doors, or doors near a classroom, are used for the entry and exit of parents during events.

We will also only allow parents/guardians to enter during this time since space is limited.

Reminder: siblings are not allowed to attend party days with their parents.

If the party ends at a time of the day were you would like to check your student(s) out for the day, you will do that in the front entry as you leave. We also ask that you get your student(s) from their classrooms instead of having them called down through the office. Just be sure you connect with your child’s teacher so they know they have left with you.