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2019 Student Art Award Winners recognized by Board of Education

Students from each school received an outstanding honor from the Board of Education and were recognized at the board meeting on October 7, 2019. Their artwork was selected to be on permanent display at the Administration Offices in De Soto. 

District art teachers select original works of art, created the previous school year, from among their students to become part of the permanent collection. The following students received creative achievement awards:

2019 Art Award Winners

  • Olivia Thompson - Belmont Elementary
  • Chloe Koppa - Clear Creek Elementary
  • Alli Fandre- Horizon Elementary
  • Ava Toepfer - Mize Elementary
  • Addison Moeller - Prairie Ridge Elementary
  • Annie Bohon - Riverview Elementary
  • Daria Morozov - Starside Elementary
  • Ryan Lange - Lexington Trails Middle School
  • Gracie Smith - Mill Creek Middle School
  • Madison Koester - Monticello Trails Middle School
  • Olivia Mills - De Soto High School
  • Avery Sheltra - Mill Valley High School

2019 Student Art Winners

From left, front row: Annie Bohon, Ava Toepfer, Chloe Koppa, Daria Morozov

Back Row: Madison Koester, Ryan Lange, Addison Moeller, Alli Fandre

Not pictured: Avery Sheltra, Olivia Mills, Gracie Smith, Olivia Thompson