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Board approves revised 2018-19 school year calendar

UPDATE as of March 4, 2019

Dear Parents & Guardians:

The Board of Education approved a revised 2018-19 school year calendar at its regular meeting on Monday, March 4, 2019. The board accepted the administration's recommendation to modify the calendar to respond to the number of emergency closure days used for inclement weather.

What are the changes?

  • schedule Friday, April 19, as a regular school day;
  • schedule Thursday, May 16 as the last day for high school seniors; and
  • schedule Friday, May 24 as the last day for students in grades K-11.

Download a printable calendar

As of Wednesday, February 27, 2019, we have used seven (7) days to close school due to inclement weather. The dates were November 26, January 23, 30, February 7, 8, 20, and 27.

USD 232 plans each school year calendar with four (4) emergency closure / inclement weather days. At this point in the school year, we have exceeded the number of days set aside for this purpose by three full days.

In order to ensure our schools maintain the attendance/time requirements for students established by the State of Kansas, we will need to make up two of the three extra days in question.

Student Contact Time Requirements
School districts in Kansas are required by statute to have school years consisting of not less than 186 school days or a minimum of 1,116 hours of student contact time. The Board of Education adopted the 1,116-hour method. For students in grade 12, the amount of time required is 1,086 hours. Kindergarten students in Kansas are required to have 465 hours per year, but since our Kindergarten program is now full day, the district significantly exceeds that threshold and is not a concern.

The district calculates the school year calendar to purposely exceed the minimum student contact time required by Kansas. The additional instructional time added into the calendar is intentional, knowing that more time with students in the classroom supports the district’s vision and mission to help all students be successful. In the case of unforeseen circumstances such as emergency closures, the additional time minimizes the impact to the school year calendar.

This school year and last school year have been active with inclement weather compared to previous years.

  • 2018-19: seven (7) days, to date, used for inclement weather
  • 2017-18: five (5) days used for inclement weather
  • 2016-17: one (1) day used for inclement weather
  • 2015-16: one (1) day used for inclement weather
  • 2014-15: no days used for inclement weather

USD 232 Administration