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REMINDER: Important changes to 2019-20 calendar

Parents & Guardians:

Please update your calendar to accommodate important changes for the 2019-20 school year. The revised calendar is available for downloading and printing. You may also import our online calendar via iCal Feed.

What are the changes?

Delayed Starts

For the first time, the school district is scheduling two delayed starts for Wednesday, September 18 and Wednesday, November 6. The start of school will be delayed by two (2) hours.

Delayed Start Times

  • High School - 9:50 a.m.
  • Middle School - 9:55 a.m.
  • Elementary - 10:45 a.m.

The district is conducting a delayed start to help prepare our schools should a delayed start be necessary due to inclement weather. This will allow the district to consider the logistics involved in postponing the start of the school day and help prepare families should this action occur.

The district is testing this plan based on the number of school closures caused by inclement weather during the last school year. The school day will end at its regular time on September 18 and November 6. Families are encouraged to make plans now to accommodate these scheduled delayed starts.

School bus transportation will take place on our delayed-start days. Pick up times will be adjusted by two (2) hours. If you have questions about transportation, please contact First Student at 913-422-8501.

JCPRD – Johnson County Parks & Recreation District will offer its Before School program as normal on delayed start days. Children must be enrolled in the Before School program in order to participate.

Schools will not offer breakfast on our delayed-start days. Lunch options will be narrowed on delayed start days based upon level:

  • Elementary – only Choice B and C offered;
  • Middle School – only Choice A and Cold Daily Alternates offered; and
  • High School – Only Daily Dish, Hot Sandwiches, and Cold Daily Alternates offered.

Teachers and support staff will report as normal on September 18 and November 6 for two hours of professional training.

No School for Students, Oct. 11
The other change is regarding Friday, October 11, which will be No School for Students and a Professional In-Service/Workday for teachers. The end of the first quarter will now be Thursday, October 10.  The 14th of October remains a non-school day for students and a Professional In-Service day for teachers.

The revised 2019-20 calendar is available for printing on our website. (Link). Parents may also import the school year calendar via iCal Feed. (Link)

Summary of Changes

  • September 18 and November 6 – Two-hour delayed start for students
  • October 11 – No school for students (Professional In-Service/Teacher Workday)


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