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Kindergarten Roundup - Initial Enrollment for 2020-21

With all scheduled Kindergarten Roundup events being cancelled for the rest of this current school year, our grade schools have created an alternative way to handle Kindergarten Roundup.

If you have an incoming Kindergarten student and did not attend Kindergarten Roundup at your school, please select your school below to complete your child's initial kindergarten enrollment.  This information will help each school get a student head count and assist in preparations for the upcoming school year.  Please complete a form for your incoming Kindergartener no later than April 10, 2020.

Further enrollment will take place prior to the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year.  To secure a spot for your child please answer all of the questions on this form.  If you have more than one kindergartner starting with us, please complete one form per child.  Welcome to USD 232!

Belmont Elementary - 2020-21 BE Kindergarten Roundup Form

Mize Elementary – 2020-21 Mize Kindergarten Roundup Form

Prairie Ridge Elementary – 2020-21 PRE Kindergarten Roundup Form

Riverview Elementary - 2020-21 RE Kindergarten Roundup Form

Starside Elementary - 2020-21 SE Kindergarten Roundup Form

These two schools already had their Kindergarten Roundup in early March. Please click on the contact information for each school for enrollment information for your incoming Kindergartener if you missed this Roundup event.

Clear Creek Elementary – Contact Clear Creek

Horizon Elementary – Contact Horizon

Learn more about Kindergarten Roundup here