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A message to our community, from USD 232

June 3, 2020

We are a public school district in a vibrant community representing multiple races, ethnicities and cultures. More than a dozen languages are spoken by our students and parents. And like many of you, we are processing recent events in our country with heavy hearts.

Our priorities are, and will continue to be, the safety, well-being, and equitable opportunities for our students, our staff, and our families. It is our duty and privilege to provide a safe, caring environment for learning. We also recognize that when our community hurts, we need to do our part to help address the pain. 

As educators, as administrators and as humans, we will continue to listen and to support. Right now and more than ever, our students and our families are watching and learning.

Racism and divisiveness have no room in our buildings, in our community, in our state, nation, or in our world. It cannot be tolerated. The Declaration of Independence reminds us that all are created equal with the rights for Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. This cannot be true for any of us until it is true for all of us. Students and our families of color - individuals from all walks of life - need to know they are welcomed, valued, and they matter.

Our staff is committed to ensuring safety and disrupting racism in our halls. The administration will be working with the Board of Education on concrete ways to help address diversity and inclusion in our schools in the coming year to better prepare all students to enter their world with a foundation of acceptance for all individuals. More information will be shared in the fall.

We are stronger as a community. Let us come together and work together, for that will make times of joy even sweeter.

USD 232