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Preparing for Fall Learning

June 24, 2020

While we have much work to do, we are planning for schools to resume in-person operations in August. Much of our preparation is focused on what adjustments need to be made to appropriately accommodate students and staff in such a way that provides for a safe environment. In addition to planning for all students to attend on-site, we are also developing ways to improve on the remote learning model that was developed last spring as well as hybrid models that would allow for some students to attend on-site.  At this point, these models are being developed as contingencies, as our goal is to have students safely return to school. 

We also realize that some families may not want to have students return on-site until there is a vaccine or treatment for COVID-19.  To that end, we are working on plans that could allow for families to choose remote learning as an option.  We are awaiting guidance from the Kansas Department of Education learn more about what requirements there will be for a remote learning option.

Once guidance from KSDE is finalized, we will share district plans for the beginning of the 2020-21 school year.  Based on the timelines we have been given, we expect to share more information with families in mid-July.