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Board of Education approves realignment of board member districts

The Board of Education on Monday, November 7, 2022, adopted a resolution to realign board member districts so as to equalize, as much as reasonably possible, the number of citizens residing within each board member district. The change is required by Kansas statute.

The adopted resolution was published on November 15, 2022, and sent to the Johnson County Election Office. The newly aligned board member districts are in place for the next election cycle in 2023.

School Board Member Districts

USD 232 is served by seven board members representing three board districts with two members each, plus one at-large position. Elections are held in odd-numbered years and board members are elected to four-year terms.

By state statute, Federal Census data must be used to ensure that the population of each of the three school board member districts is within five percent (5%) of the average of the three districts.  Based on 2020 Census data, the population estimates for each of the previous three board member districts were:

  • District 1 & 4 = 12,248, or 1.75% below the mean
  • District 2 & 5 = 11,417, or 8.42% below the mean
  • District 3 & 6 = 13,734, or 10.17% above the mean

Based on the Census estimates, current school board member districts had to be realigned. Adjustments must consider current voting precincts determined by the county election commission where possible and encompass whole census blocks if a voting precinct is split. 

At the August 1, 2022 board meeting, board members indicated their preference to make changes as required with minimal impact on the current board member districts.  The administration worked with Johnson County Automated Information Mapping System to identify changes to equalize the population among board member districts.  

Newly Aligned Board Member Districts

A map was developed that moves voting precinct Shawnee 3-08 from member district 2 and 5 to member district 3 and 6. It also moves voting precinct Shawnee 1-08 from member district 3 and 6 to member district 2 and 5. The net change in population is 1,074 residents. 

The population estimates for the realigned board member districts are:

  • District 1 & 4 = 12,248, or 1.75% below the mean
  • District 2 & 5 = 12,491, or 0.20% above the mean
  • District 3 & 6 = 12,660, or 1.55% above the mean

The Board of Education reviewed the changes on November 7 and adopted the resolution to adjust board member districts.