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MCMS 6th grade students participate in annual Gingerbread STEM Challenge

6th Grade Science classes at Mill Creek Middle School participated in the annual Gingerbread STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Challenge. Led by teachers Laurie Heisel and Katie Taylor, students researched the community in which they live, along with goods and services, historical buildings, attractions, and/or other notable places in the area.

Students conducted research and began designing and constructing, through collaboration, gingerbread-themed dioramas.  Students explore and experience a number of math and science angles with gingerbread house building. The engineering activity provides a focus on structural engineering and materials science. The 6th grade students developed a basic understanding of the engineering design process.

The finished projects were put on display for all to see at MCMS, culminating in an open house event for parents and family members.