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Student Advisory Board conclude meetings for 2022-23

The Student Advisory Board (SAB) concluded its meetings with a cookout to help celebrate their accomplishments for the 2022-23 school year. This year, the SAB met with Superintendent Frank Harwood to discuss the best use of student’s time in high school seminar, improvements for individual plans of study and social/emotional learning at the high school level.

Dr. Frank Harwood launched the Superintendent's Student Advisory Board in 2017. High school students from each grade level (9-12) are selected to represent a diverse team of student voices from both high schools in the district. The purpose of this Board is for students to engage with the Superintendent in meaningful dialogue while sharing students' views and perspectives regarding a number of topics. Students meet with the superintendent quarterly and participate as a member of the group to help the communication process between their school and the district. The Student Advisory Board is a positive way for the superintendent to gather feedback on how the school system could improve the overall educational experience for students.

2023 Student Advisory Board   2023 Student Advisory Board