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Life on the Spectrum

Below are links to a free webinar and a few recorded panel disccusions in honor of World Autism Month.  All of these resources are provided to increase understanding and acceptance of people with autism. 

ASD is not a Boys Club: Identifying and Serving Females with ASD by Ruth Aspy, PhD and Barry Gross, PhD

There are more males than females with ASD; however the imbalance may be exaggerated. The description of ASD, and consequently the tools used to identify ASD, are based on what ASD looks like in males. As a result, females with ASD are often not referred or are misidentified – they fall through the cracks. Unidentified/misidentified, and poorly served, their path is a difficult one. One disorder may cascade into others, such as anxiety and depression. This webinar will provide strategies and solutions for better identifying and serving females with ASD.

Access this webinar for free during the month of April using the coupon below.
Free coupon code: SUPPORTASD2016

A panel of adults with an autism spectrum disorder share their perspective of growing up with autism.

Our Own Words 

This panel discussion explores the unique stories of several autistic women who share their perspectives across the life span.

Life on the Spectrum: Women Sharing their Unique Experiences 

This World Autism Awareness Day 2021, we'll take a look at some of the history behind these terms, their effect on the autistic community, and what we can all do to help going forward. Improving inclusion and understanding make a big difference to the lives of autistic people everywhere.

> Beyond Autism Awareness