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Science Olympiad Results from Mill Valley

On Saturday, December 1st, the DHS science olympiad team competed in the first annual “ThunderKat Klash” invitational tournament at Mill Valley High School. Nineteen area high schools competed in 23 events ranging from building and engineering challenges to knowledge and skills testing across the scientific disciplines. DHS ranked 10th overall, and we took home five placing ribbons:

  • Caleb Kmiecik and Brent Smith earned a fourth place ribbon in “Sounds of Music,” a challenge in constructing a musical instrument from scratch and applying knowledge of musical sound, production, and resonance. 
  • Daniel England, Brent Smith, and Kyle Smith earned a fifth place ribbon in “Experimental Design,” a challenge in developing a testable hypothesis and conducting scientific research using the materials provided to reach a logical conclusion. 
  • Scott Blanck and Mason Laney earned a 5th place ribbon in “Fossils,” a challenge in using fossils and rock samples to date specimens through identification and classification. 
  • Isabel Haake and Connor McCall earned a 5th place ribbon in “Astronomy,” a challenge in applying knowledge of stellar evolution in normal and starburst galaxies. 
  • Caleb Kmiecik, Brent Smith, and Kyle Smith earned a 6th place ribbon in “Codebusters,” a challenge in decoding encrypted messages by applying knowledge of a variety of advanced ciphers. 

Other student participants included Matthew Deibert, Luke LeBar, Cody Murphy, Han Post, and Annabelle Stokes.  Please congratulate these students if you see them.