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DHS Remote Learning Environment

Beginning November 30, 2020, DHS will shift to the remote learning environment. As a result, Monday will be a remote Green Day for all students.
We cannot stress enough the importance of attendance and engagement during the next three weeks. The schedule can be viewed on our website (here). In the remote learning environment, the Zoom meeting is the classroom. All students are expected to Zoom into and remain for the entirety of each class on their schedule.
Students are expected to be on time for class just like they would be if they were in the building. Students are also expected to be in a place conducive for attending class (not in bed, in a car, or otherwise distracted), wearing school appropriate clothing with the camera turned on.
The bell schedule can be viewed on our website (here). The first block begins at 7:50 am each morning. A student not logging into a class when we would expect would be considered an unexcused absence.  If a student is absent as a result of an illness, we ask that parents call the school to excuse the absence.
Additionally, in an effort to support students in this environment we are altering the daily bell schedule to include time for Seminar. The Seminar time is added to the end of the 2nd block each day. This time will allow for students to seek out or be directed to meet with teachers for academic support.  
Our staff is ready and willing to do anything they can to work with students to ensure their success.