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School Vision

Mill Valley High School’s vision is to increase the 5-year effectiveness rating by focusing on developing the skills and the KSDE foundational structures that students need to be successful after high school. 


School Mission

Through a cooperative partnership with students, home and community. Mill Valley’s mission is to foster individual Achievement and Responsible citizenship by Empowering students through the implementation of a rigorous curriculum to develop honor, integrity, and life-long learning.


Goal 1:  Mill Valley students will develop a sense of belonging and support within their school community. (Physical and Mental Health, Diversity Equity Inclusion/Belonging)

Goal 2: Mill Valley students will develop skills and knowledge that will equip/empower them to achieve their post-secondary goals. (Basic Skills, Physical and Mental Health)

Goal 3: Mill Valley students will develop/grow academically through research based, data driven decisions made through the implementation of the Professional Learning Community process. (Tiered Framework of Support, Communication and Basic Skills, Diversity Equity Inclusion/Belonging)