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Shortened Day Seniors Visiting

Senior Shortened Day Policies for Visiting

Students with shortened days will be allowed to enter the building as a guest (rear main entrance to the office) to get assistance from teachers/counselors, for seminar time, and/or use the media center under the following conditions:

*Students may not leave their last block early (unless they check out in the office).  Teachers will not allow students to leave prior to their final bell.

Students will have a pre-signed pass from the teacher(s) they wish to see.  (one teacher=one pass, two teachers=two passes, trainer must have a pre-signed pass, media center must also have a pre-signed pass) Teachers will not write passes to other teachers. This includes students that remain with their last block teacher and do not leave the building.  Students may only visit teachers on their schedule.

Students are not allowed to walk the halls, except to meet a teacher for a scheduled meeting.

Students must sign-in AND sign-out in the office (this will help us keep track of persons in the school in the event of an emergency), present their pass, and carry a Senior-Shortened Day Visitor Pass (green).  Unscheduled visits will not be allowed (even if the teacher calls to the office in approval).  Students must have appropriate passes.  This includes students that remain with their last block teacher and do not leave the building.

For Broadcast Journalism, Catty Shack and Newspaper, students will check-in and out in the same manner DAILY.  These students will present a permanent pass.

Hopefully, this will allow students to get the assistance needed.  Please know that we will adhere to these guidelines and failure to follow and/or cause a distraction will result in dismissal from the building during student off-time.  These guidelines are to make certain teachers, office personnel, administration and emergency personnel know exactly who is in the building and their location.  For the purpose of safety, as per the Department of Homeland Security, we have to know.  Hopefully, we can provide academic assistance and maintain a secure environment at the same time.