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Schedule Change Guidelines

Semester Course Change Requests

Students may request a change to their 2nd semester schedule beginning December 4th through December 7th before school each of those days.  The Schedule Change Request Form will be available in the Counseling Office by 2:00 PM on December 3rd  or you may also access it from the Counselors’ Webpage.   The list of open classes will also be posted outside the Counseling Office by this time.  Below are the Schedule Change Guidelines:

 Schedule Changes will only be made for the following reasons:

  1.  The student needs to enroll in a required class.
  2.  The student is enrolled in a class for which he/she has already received credit.
  3.  The student has not met the prerequisites for the class.
  4.  The student has an incomplete schedule
  5. A teacher recommends the student advance to a higher level course or that the  moves out of the course due to the failure of 1st semester.

If you COMMIT to the course (by enrolling and parents signing off) and you are CAPABLE (teacher gives consent), then you are expected to COMPLETE the course. 

If you commit to the course (by enrolling and parents signing off) and you are capable (teacher gives consent), then you are expected to complete the course. As stated earlier (per contract), students who enrolled in AP/Honors courses are expected to complete the course. 

If your request meets one of these criteria, you may submit a Schedule Change Request form and turn it in to the Counseling Office for review before 7:50 a.m. each day.  Each request is considered for approval on an individual, first come, first served basis.  While we would love to accommodate all requests, it is not physically possible.