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Parking 2019-2020

May 8, 2019

Parents, Students and Teachers,

Our generous community overwhelmingly passed a bond issue to help improve our facilities even more.  With the construction of a new fine arts theater/auditorium, gymnasium, and field house, I am writing to ask for the assistance of all teachers, students and families.  Next school year, we are going to be temporarily disrupted in the parking lot during this process.  Remember the positives, by far, outweigh the negatives! 

First, we are going to lose three areas of the parking lot temporarily (for a year).  Click here for map.  We will lose approximately 94 spots divided among three areas.  These spots will be used for construction equipment staging and construction workers.   How will this impact students?  Like the last four years, we will still have specific days for students to attain their parking permits.  Seniors will be first, followed by juniors.  As in the past, if spots remain, they will be distributed to sophomores by means of a lottery.  Not all sophomores will be able to drive.  Freshmen, as in the past, are still not allowed to drive and park on campus.

Second, entering the building for bus riders will be a bit different.  Students will still enter through the front but they will use different doors.  I will communicate details soon. 

I know it is an inconvenience and there will be other topics that come up.  We will do our very best to communicate early and often.  Thanks again to our wonderful community for this opportunity.  We realize we are very fortunate and we are excited.

Mr. Waldeck