Fast Pitch

by Nic Stone Year Published: 2021 Sports Fiction

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Shenice Lockwood dreams of leading the Fulton Firebirds to the U12 softball regional championship. But Shenice's focus gets shaken when her great-uncle Jack reveals that a career-ending-and family-name-ruining-crime may have been a setup. It's up to Shenice to discover the truth about her family's past-and fast-before secrets take the Firebirds out of the game forever.

Step up to the plate with Fast Pitch by Nic Stone. This exciting novel follows Shenice, a talented softball player who's got a killer arm and a fierce determination. But there's more to this story than just the game – Shenice is facing tough challenges off the field too. With themes of friendship, family, and finding your own path, "Fast Pitch" hits it out of the park. Join Shenice as she navigates the ups and downs of middle school, stands up for what's right, and shows us all what it means to be a true team player. If you're into sports, heart, and a whole lot of determination, this book is a home run!