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PDP Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I keep track of my professional development points? When you go to renew your license you will need to have earned professional development points.  How many points varies depending on your current and desired license.  Even college courses will be converted to professional development points at a rate of 20 points per 1 college hour.

How long do my points last?  Five (5) years.

How long do I have to complete the Knowledge Validation Form?  You have thirty (30) days to fill it out the Knowledge Validation Form after the activity is completed.

Is my activity under Content Standards, Professional Standards or Service to the Profession?  This will depend on the content of the activity, i.e. how what you have learned will impact your job.  To help, use the following guidelines and know that there are grey areas sometimes regarding activities.

  • Content Standards:  Things that apply to a specific content or subject.  (e.g. literature circles, reading centers, math word problems or chemistry)
  • Professional Standards:  Things that impact how well you teach in a general sense.  (e.g. differentiated instruction, classroom management or advanced organizers)
  • Service to the Profession:  Those activities that contribute positively to the profession as a whole.  (e.g. supervise a student teacher or write/publish an article in a journal)

How many points do I have?  To see how many points to you have, log into your MyLearningPlan.com account.  Click on "My Portfolio" to see all the activities for which you have received credit.  To see a total, you will need to click "Print PDF" under the transcript section on the left.  This will create a transcript in a PDF which you can view or choose to print.

Why is my activity still sitting in "Approved and In Progress"?  The most likely reasons that an activity is in this categories is that it needs to be marked complete.  To mark it complete, click on the activity and on the next screen click the mark complete button.  This will take you to the final step for the activity.

What if I can't click "mark complete" for an activity?  Check to see if you have completed the Knowledge Level Validation Form.  Many times completing this will make the "Mark Complete" option available.

Which activities do I enter myself? ...which are entered for me?  Any activity that you do "on your own" or outside of the district- or building-organized professional development activities will need to be entered by you before you attend the event.  This includes workshops, meetings and other professional activities like working with a student teacher. Any activity that is organized by your principal as building-level professional development is normally bulk enrolled by your PDC representative.  Other building-organized group activities are often bulk enrolled by the PDC representative.  You will need to ask your PDC representative or the facilitator how PD points are being awarded for these activities.  If in doubt just ask!

How many points do I need to move over on the pay scale?It takes 200 professional development points to move over one category on the pay scale when it is possible to move on points alone.  College credit points are valid for five years.  To move over, you must submit the Horizontal Movement form to Human Resources by September 5th.

How do I get impact or application points?  You have up to three years to apply for these points. Application refers to the use of the new skill in your job and is worth two times the Knowledge level points for an activity.  Impact refers to the positive results achieved because of the implementation of your learning to your job.  You would receive three times the Knowledge level points for the activity.

  • To receive Application points, you will need to provide verification (e.g. observation or interview by PDC rep) and evidence (e.g. lesson plans, pre-/post-examples of student work or portfolios)
  • To receive Impact points, you will need to provide evidence of improved student learning in the form of empirical and antidotal data.

When do I use MyLearningPlan.com for college classes?  All college courses should be entered into MLP. The first step is to complete the College Course Request form. Make sure the course is approved to ensure that you will receive your points.  After taking the course complete the Knowledge Validation form and mark the activity complete.  Human Resources will mark the activity complete once they receive an official transcript.

Who do I contact about...

  • College reimbursement?  Human Resources Department
  • Horizontal movement?  Human Resources Department
  • Transcripts? To request a transcript, go to the link on the Professional development page.  If you have questions, contact your PDC representative.
  • Relicensure questions? Refer to your USD #232 Handbook or KSDE's licensure page for more information:  Link to KSDE Licensure Page